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Added: May 21, 2010 | Runtime: 48:51 | 498 Photos
Lulu is a cute PR from Spanish Harlem. She's not too bright, but she is pretty hot, except for those puffy eyes she developed from several loads hitting her eye balls. She had great tits, which is pretty uncommon for a PR 22 years of age. Usually, by age 22, they are freaking Grand Mami's. So I was quite surprised, and, in a bizarre way, impressed. Her attitude was typical, but we worked around it, or through it I should say. It took her several minutes to understand the concept that the cock needs to go to the balls. Meanwhile, she is doing the pokey cheek thing thinking she's going to put one past me. Not here. Bootleg pushed her head to his balls and her stomach began to make noises. You know the rest ;). Then, it was time for her to take the cock. Again she bitched. I said, "This may not be the first time you got paid for sex but it is sure as hell going to be the first time you actually had to work while doing it." Eventually she submitted and took it. Then she even got into it. Then we all came on her stupid Boriqua face.

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