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Added: September 18, 2009 | Runtime: 47:12 | 835 Photos
Paige didn't even tell us she was a Latina until after the shoot. It wasn't until she was showered, her contacts out, and ready to leave that I was like, "Wow you aren't a gringa!" She said, "Yes, I'm 100% Cuban." So even though we technically filmed her for she's going to end up in her proper place on Latina Abuse. I keep it real, I guess. The question is, why would she lie? I call it a "Self Loathing Prophecy." In any case, this is one of the best videos we ever filmed. Not only she a piece of ass, she was turned out. She never did this type of stuff before, and somehow her husband was cool with it. She had milk her titties which she shot all over bootlegs asshole before she tossed his salad. I thought that was a pinnacle moment for her life. She completly let us do to her what we pleased. She is a very selfless person with a big heart. I love it when a puta has that mentality. It's great when they realize that they should share their body with everyone for the greater good of man kind. We sent her home... Wiser.

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