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Victoria Sky

Added: June 10, 2011 | Runtime: 07:23 | 132 Photos
Victoria is a stubborn Cuban broad that thinks too high of herself. She is a Panini away from being a Brick House. She swam with her innertube all the way up to the Jersey Shore, and she's still fat. Her tit job looks like it was done in the back of a Bodega. I think the bleach she used on her hair soaked into her brain. Anyway, after tirelessly explaining the simple equation of my cock + her throat = getting nowhere fast. No matter what work you do in this life, have some fucking pride in yourself, if not in your work. You can tell when someone hasn't worked an honest day in their life. Having Sass does not mean you have any Class. So Whores of the World, do better at sucking. Whore's age is in Dog Years, so if your going to make your mark, do it now. Victoria Sky left her mark as a Characterless Hoe, with nothing but Shame in her Game. So Ladies with these Hard Times were living in and if you find yourself on your knees, if you going to be a Hoe, be the Best Hoe you can be. The few the Proud the non Tap-Out Latinas I Salute You for stepping up your Game. For the Whiners, Complainers, Belly Achers, people with more excuses than a 40 year old Virgin...Grow Up & Go Fuck Yourself

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